Who we are?

Hello! We are a team of enthusiastic entrepreneurs who do not believe in working 8 hours a day or going to office to work..our team works any time ..anywhere..!! Myroots.Desi is an Epic ride that changes lives of people associated with it...be it artisan communities, employees or other stake holders!

We stay true to our core values and beliefs : People – processes- Products .We are not just an E-com platform that sells products ..we deliver exceptional experience to all stake holders. We owe you gratitude if you are already a part of it , if you are not, be a part of our story and experience the awesomeness of the ride!!

Our vision:

A straight forward vision to Connect 3”P”s. We connect consumers to their roots by introducing the artisans behind the products, the processes of making of the product and the most authentic Desi products. Our vision is to genuinely have products that tells stories of the products thus creating a significant impact to the lives of the artisan communities.

Journey So far:

It’s hard but gives us a lot of satisfaction working with numerous undiscovered clusters and groups. 02-Dec , 2016 was the big day for us , launched www.Myroots.desi in fair-trade national convention, Hyderabad by signing off on an agreement to practice fair trade principles at Myroots.desi. There’s no stopping after that. We are working very hard with several fair trade organizations like sabala handicrafts, Sasha, Shilpa Kala trust, Child trust, Sandhur Kushala Kendra, Abihaara social enterprise and many more. We are also working with 100 + Grass root level artisans mentoring and connecting them to the market. We have covered Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Orissa, West Bengal, Bihar ..Keep watching us..we are growing by the day!!

our star team :


sreerekha madivala

co-founder & ceo

Behind Sreerekha’s charming smile lies a determined personality who loves her evenings to be spent on learning classical music and listening to any kind of music, of course when she is not taking on the world with her project planning, execution and marketing strategies. Bringing the brand a rare blend of infectious enthusiasm, she has excelled previously being the co founder of Ethniq Desi, head of product engineering and core founding member of Injoos and KineticGlue. She has been a part of successful exits of the earlier ventures Injoos and Kineticglue. As an alumini of NITK and Infosys, when not found at work, she is mostly recharging herself with her two sons and winding through lifestyle and fashion magazines for inspirations.

sanjay sunku

co-founder & coo

As much Sanjay is a sports and wrestling aficionado, he finds the time and opportunity to play these games only in his gaming console in the middle of the night. Sanjay took a plunge in to crazy-yet -amazing world of entrepreneurship when he was 24. He was able to navigate through the journey of Versatiletech successfully by achieving a tremendous milestone of Talent acquisition to Oracle. Sanjay , An Alumni of PESIT is constantly looking for opportunities to start and scale new businesses, his diversified interest got him in to Co-founding Myroots.desi. He is also pursuing his pet venture Photato and is an angel investor in Skreem-Influencer Marketing platform.


mallikarjuna iytha


The man who inspires and keeps the energy going in Myroots.desi team with his easy going attitude towards life. Sometimes we wonder if Mallikarjuna’s favourite movie is “Never back down” because he swears by that faith literally when it comes to work. When he gets time out from his social welfare activities which he has obtained several awards for, his head is found deep down in the books. This JNU pass out has conducted several Research Studies, authored five books and recipient of “Pillar of Civil Society in India” award from Honorable President of India and several other recognitions and prizes throughout the career. Not many know that he has a chic collection of Linen shirts and Nehru jackets in his wardrobe.