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Simple & easy to use

  • Easy set up
  • Domain mapping
  • Blogs, Basic SEO
  • Support to help you get started
  • Training videos
  • Email, SMS integration
  • Delivery integration (Premium)
  • Custom Theme (Premium)


  • Easy upload through CSVfiles
  • Inventory management
  • Unlimited products
  • Organize products
  • Orders & fulfilment
  • Delivery integration (Premium)
  • Custom Theme (Premium)

Payments, shipping

  • Razor pay integration for payments
  • Delivery integration for shipping
  • Delivery integration (Premium)
  • Custom Theme (Premium)


  • Dashboard
  • Google Analytics
  • Reports on traffic, customers, orders
  • Delivery integration (Premium)
  • Custom Theme (Premium)

Setup & build your brand ethos

“Sell sustainable , conscious , fairtrade products that give consumers the Power to become change agents of the planet “
Promoting sustainable livelihoods for marginalized communities.
Promoting environmental sustainability
Providing equal opportunities for all and promoting gender equality
Promoting transparency at all levels

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How to use

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